16 September 1813 – Thursday – Henrietta St, London (2nd of the day)

[New letter begun on the same day, Thursday 16th, as one completed earlier in the day.  This one is written after dinner on 16th]

Henrietta Street – Thursday – after dinner

Thank you my dearest Cassandra for the nice long Letter I sent off this morning.– I hope you have had it by this time & that it has found you all well, & my Mother no more in need of Leeches.– Whether this will be delivered to you by Henry on Saturday eveng or by the Postman on Sunday morng I know not, as he has lately recollected something of an engagement for Saturday which perhaps may delay his visit.– He seems determined to come to you soon however.– I hope you will receive the Gown tomorrow & may be able with tolerable honesty to say that you like the Colour;– it was bought at Grafton House, where, by going very early, we got immediate attendance & went on very comfortably.– I only forgot the one particular thing which I had always resolved to buy there– a white silk Handkf– & was therefore obliged to give six shillings for one at Crook & Besford’s– which reminds me to say that the Worsteads ought also to be at Chawton tomorrow & that I shall be very happy to hear they are approved.  I had not such time for deliberation.

We are now all four of us young Ladies sitting round the Circular Table in the inner room writing our Letters, while the two Brothers are having a comfortable coze in the room adjoining.– It is to be a quiet evening, much to the satisfaction of 4 of the 6.– My Eyes are quite tired of Dust & Lamps.– The Letter you forwarded from Edwd Junr has been duly received.  He has been shooting most prosperously at home, & dining at Chilham Castle & with Mr Scudamore.

My Cap is come home & I like it very much, Fanny has one also; hers is white Sarsenet & Lace, of a different shape from mine, more fit for morning, Carriage wear — which is what it is intended for — & is in shape exceedingly like our own Sattin & Lace of last winter– shaped round the face exactly like it, with pipes & more fullness, & a round crown inserted behind.  My Cap has a peak in front.  Large, full Bows of very narrow ribbon (old twopenny) are the thing.  One over the right temple perhaps, & another at the left ear.–

Henry is not quite well.– His Stomach is rather deranged.  You must keep him in Rhubarb & give him plenty of Port & Water.– He caught his cold farther back than I told you– before he got to Matlock– somewhere in his Journey from the North– but the ill effects of that I hope are nearly gone.–

We returned from Grafton House only just in time for breakfast & had scarcely finished breakfast when the Carriage came to the door.  From 11 to 1/2 past 3 we were hard at it;– we did contrive to get to Hans Place for 10 minutes.  Mrs T. was as affectionate & pleasing as ever; & from her appearance I suspect her to be in the family way.  Poor Woman!– Fanny prophecies the Child’s coming within 3 or 4 days.  After our return, Mr Tilson walked up from the Compting House & called upon us; & these have been all our Visitings.– I have rejoiced more than once that I bought my Writing paper in the Country; we have not had a qr of an hour to spare.– I enclose the Eighteen pence due to my Mother.– The Rose colour was 6/S, & the other 4/S pr yd— There was but 2 yd & a qr of the dark slate in the Shop, but the Man promised to match it & send it off correctly.

Fanny bought her Irish at Newton’s in Leicester Sqre & I took the opportunity of thinking about your Irish & seeing one peice of the Yard wide at 4/S–& it seemed to me very good– good enough for your purpose.– It might at least be worth your while to go there, if you have no other engagements.– Fanny is very much pleased with the Stockings she has bought of Remmington– Silk at 12S.– Cotton at 4.3.– She thinks them great bargains, but I have not seen them yet– as my hair was dressing when the Man & the Stockings came.–

The poor Girls & their Teeth!– I have not mentioned them yet, but we were a whole hour at Spence’s, & Lizzy’s were filed & lamented over again & poor Marianne had two taken out after all, the two just beyond the Eye teeth, to make room for those in front.– When her doom was fixed, Fanny Lizzy & I walked into the next room, where we heard each of the two sharp hasty Screams.– Fanny’s teeth were cleaned too– & pretty as they are, Spence found something to do to them, putting in gold & talking gravely — & making a considerable point of seeing her again before winter;– he had before urged the expediency of L. & M.s being brought to Town in the course of a couple of Months to be farther examined, & continued to the last to press for their all coming to him.– My Br would not absolutely promise.– The little girls teeth I can suppose in a critical state, but I think he must be a Lover of Teeth & Money & Mischeif to parade about Fanny’s.– I would not have had him look at mine for a shilling a tooth & double it.– It was a disagreable hour.

We then went to Wedgwoods where my Br & Fanny chose a Dinner set.– I beleive the pattern is a small Lozenge in purple, between Lines of narrow Gold;– & it is to have the Crest.

We must have been 3 qrs of an hour at Grafton House, Edward sitting by all the time with wonderful patience.  There Fanny bought the Net for Anna’s gown, & a beautiful Square veil for herself.– The Edging there is very cheap, I was tempted by some, & I bought some very nice plaiting Lace at 3.4–

Fanny desires me to tell Martha with her kind Love that Birchall assured her there was no 2d set of Hook’s Lessons for Beginners– & that by my advice, she has therefore chosen her a set by another Composer.  I thought she wd rather have something than not.– It costs six shillings.– With Love to You all, including Triggs, I remain

Yrs very affecly   J. Austen

Miss Austen
By favour of [left blank]


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