6 July 1813 – Tuesday – continuation from four days prior

[Continuation of a letter begun four days earlier, Saturday, 3rd July]

July 6.

Now my dearest Frank I will finish my Letter.  I have kept it open on the chance of what a Tuesday’s post might furnish in addition, & it furnishes the likelihood of our keeping our neighbours at the Gt House some weeks longer than we have expected.– Mr Scudamore, to whom my Brother referred, is very decided as to Gm not being fit to be inhabited at present;– he talks even of two months more being necessary to sweeten it, but if we have warm weather I dare say less will do.–

My Brother will probably go down & sniff at it himself & receive his Rents.– The Rent-day has been postponed already.– We shall be gainers by their stay, but the young people in general are disappointed, & therefore we cd wish it otherwise.  —

Our Cousins Colonel Thos Austen & Margaretta are going Aid-de-camps to Ireland & Lort Whitworth goes in their Train as Lord Lieutenant;– good appointments for each.– God bless you.– I hope you continue beautiful & brush your hair, but not all off. — We join in an infinity of Love.– Yrs very affecly
Jane Austen

[Postscript upside down at top of p1]

You will be glad to hear that every Copy of S.&.S. is sold & that it has brought me £140–besides the Copyright, if that shd ever be of any value.– I have now therefore written myself into £250.–which only makes me long for more. I have something in hand– which I hope on the credit of P. & P. will sell well, tho’ not half so entertaining.  And by the bye–shall you object to my mentioning the Elephant in it, & two or three other of your old Ships?– I have done it, but it shall not stay, to make you angry.– They are only just mentioned.

Captn Austen
HMS Elephant

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