10 August 1814 – Wednesday – from Chawton

[Letter written to Jane Austen’s niece Anna Austen]

My dear Anna

I am quite ashamed to find that I have never answered some questions of yours in a former note.– I kept the note on purpose to refer to it at a proper time, & then forgot it.– I like the name “Which is the Heroine?” very well, & I dare say shall grow to like it very much in time– but “Enthusiasm” was something so very superior that every common Title must appear to disadvantage.– I am not sensible of any Blunders about Dawlish.  The Library was particularly pitiful & wretched 12 years ago, & not likely to have anybody’s publication.– There is no such Title as Desborough–either among the Dukes, Marquisses, Earls, Viscounts or Barons.– These were your enquiries.– I will now thank you for your Envelope, received this morning.– I hope Mr W.D. will come.– I can readily imagine Mrs H.D. may be very like a profligate Young Lord– I dare say the likeness will be “beyond every thing”–  Your Aunt Cass:– is as well pleased with St Julian as ever.  I am delighted with the idea of seeing Progillian again.

[To be continued the following week, on Wednesday 17th August]

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