14 June 1814 – Tuesday – from Chawton

Chawton Tuesday June 13. [sic]

My dearest Cassandra

Fanny takes my Mother to Alton this morng which gives me an opportunity of sending you a few lines, without any other trouble than that of writing them.  This is a delightful day in the Country, & I hope not much too hot for Town.– Well, you had a good Journey I trust & all that;– & not rain enough to spoil your Bonnet.– It appeared so likely to be a wet eveng that I went up to the Gt House between 3 & 4, & dawdled away an hour very comfortably, tho’ Edwd was not very brisk.  The air was clearer in the Eveng & he was better.– We all five walked together into the Kitchen Garden & along the Gosport Road, & they drank tea with us.– You will be glad to hear that G. Turner has another situation— something in the Cow Line near Rumsey, & he wishes to move immediately, which is not likely to be inconvenient to anybody.  The new Nursery Man at Alton comes this morng, to value the Crops in the Garden.–

The only Letter to day is from Mrs Cooke to me.  They do not leave home till July & want me to come to them according to my promise.– And after considering everything, I have resolved on going.  My companions promote it.– I will not go however till after Edward is gone, that he may feel he has a somebody to give Memorandums to, to the last;– I must give up all help from his Carriage of course.– And at any rate it must be such an Excess of Expense that I have quite made up my mind to it, & do not mean to care.  I have been thinking of Triggs & the Chair you may be sure, but I know it will end in Posting.  They will meet me at Guildford.– In addition to their standing claims on me, they admire Mansfield Park exceedingly.  Mr Cooke says “it is the most sensible Novel he ever read”– and the manner in which I treat the Clergy, delights them very much.– Altogether I must go– & I want you to join me there when your visit in Henrietta St is over.  Put this, into your capacious Head.–

Take care of yourself, & do not be trampled to death in running after the Emperor.  The report in Alton yesterday was that they wd certainly travel this road either to, or from Portsmouth.– I long to know what this Bow of the Prince’s will produce.–

I saw Mrs Andrews yesterday.  Mrs Browning had seen her before.  She is very glad to send an Elizabeth.–

Miss Benn continues the same.– Mr Curtis however saw her yesterday & said her hand was going on as well as possible.– Accept our best Love.–

Yours very affec:ly
J. Austen

Miss Austen
10, Henrietta Street
By favour of
Mr Gray–

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