23 August 1814 – Tuesday – from 23 Hans Place, London

My dear Cassandra

I had a very good Journey, not crouded, two of the three taken up at Bentley being Children, the others of a reasonable size; & they were all very quiet & civil.– We were late in London, from being a great Load & from changing Coaches at Farnham, it was nearly 4 I beleive when we reached Sloane St; Henry himself met me, & as soon as my Trunk & Basket could be routed out from all the other Trunks & Baskets in the World, we were on our way to Hans Place in the Luxury of a nice large cool dirty Hackney Coach.  There were 4 in the Kitchen part of Yalden– & I was told 15 at top, among them Percy Benn; we met in the same room at Egham, but poor Percy was not in his usual Spirits.  He would be more chatty I dare say in his way from Woolwich.  We took up a young Gibson at Holybourn; & in short everybody either did come up by Yalden yesterday, or wanted to come up.  It put me in mind of my own Coach between Edinburgh & Sterling.–

Henry is very well, & has given me an account of the Canterbury Races, which seem to have been as pleasant as one could wish.  Everything went well.  Fanny had good Partners, Mr J.P. was her 2d on Thursday, but he did not dance with her any more.– This will content you for the present.  I must just add however that there were no Lady Charlottes, they were gone off to Kirby– & that Mary Oxenden, instead of dieing, is going to marry Wm Hammond.–

No James & Edward yet.– Our evening yesterday was perfectly quiet; we only talked a little to Mr Tilson across the intermediate Gardens; she was gone out airing with Miss Burdett.– It is a delightful Place– more than answers my expectation.  Having got rid of my unreasonable ideas, I find more space & comfort in the rooms than I had supposed, & the Garden is quite a Love.  I am in the front Attic, which is the Bedchamber to be preferred.  Henry wants you to see it all, & asked whether you wd return with him from Hampshire; I encouraged him to think you would.  He breakfasts here, early, & then rides to Henrietta St— If it continues fine, John is to drive me there by & bye, & we shall take an Airing together; & I do not mean to take any other exercise, for I feel a little tired after my long Jumble.– I live in his room downstairs, it is particularly pleasant, from opening upon the garden.  I go & refresh myself every now & then, and then come back to Solitary Coolness.– There is one maid servant only, a very creditable, cleanlooking young Woman.  Richard remains for the present.–

[To be continued on the following day, Wednesday 24th August]

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