23 June 1814 – Thursday

My dearest Cassandra

I received your pretty Letter while the Children were drinking tea with us, as Mr Louch was so obliging to walk over with it.  Your good account of every body made us very happy.– I heard yesterday from Frank; when he began his Letter he hoped to be here on Monday, but before it was ended he had been told that the Naval Review wd not take place till Friday, which wd probably occasion him some delay, as he cannot get some necessary business of his own attended to, while Portsmouth is in such a bustle.  I hope Fanny has seen the Emperor, & then I may fairly wish them all away.– I go tomorrow, & hope for some delays & adventures.– My Mother’s Wood is brought in — but by some mistake, no Bavins.  She must therefore buy some.–

Henry at Whites!– Oh! what a Henry.– I do not know what to wish as to Miss B, so I will hold my tongue & my wishes.

Sackree & the Children set off yesterday & have not been returned back upon us.  They were all very well the Evening before.– We had handsome presents from the Gt House yesterday, a Ham & the 4 Leeches.– Sackree has left some shirts of her Master’s at the School, which finished or unfinished she begs to have sent by Henry & Wm.– Mr Hinton is expected home soon, which is a good thing for the Shirts.–

We have called upon Miss Dusautoy & Miss Papillon & been very pretty.– Miss D. has a great idea of being Fanny Price, she & her youngest sister together, who is named Fanny.– Miss Benn has drunk tea with the Prowtings, & I beleive comes to us this eveng.  She has still a swelling about the fore-finger, & a little discharge, & does not seem to be on the point of a perfect cure; but her Spirits are good– & she will be most happy I beleive to accept any Invitation.– The Clements are gone to Petersfield, to look.–

Only think of the Marquis of Granby being dead.  I hope, if it please Heaven there should be another Son, they will have better Sponsors & less Parade.

I certainly do not wish that Henry should think again of getting me to Town.  I would rather return straight from Bookham; but if he really does propose it, I cannot say No, to what will be so kindly intended.  It could be but for a few days however, as my Mother would be quite disappointed by my exceeding the fortnight which I now talk of as the outside;– at least we could not both remain long away comfortably.– The middle of July is Martha’s time, as far as she has any time.  She has left it to Mrs Craven to fix the day.– I wish she could get her Money paid, for I fear her going at all, depends upon that.–

Instead of Bath, the Dean Dundases have taken a House at Clifton,– Richmond Terrace– & she is as glad of the change as even You & I should be–or almost.– She will now be able to go on from Berks & visit them, without any fears from Heat.–

The Post has brought me a Letter from Miss Sharpe.  Poor thing! she has been suffering indeed! but is now in a comparative state of comfort.  She is at Sir W.P.’s in Yorkshire, with the Children, & there is no appearance of her quitting them.– Of course, we lost the pleasure of seeing her here.  She writes highly of Sir Wm— I do so want him to marry her!– There is a Dow: Lady P. presiding there, to make it all right.– The Man is the same; but she does not mention what he is by Profession or Trade.– She does not think Lady P. was privy to his Scheme on her; but on being in his power, yielded.– Oh! Sir Wm— Sir Wm— how I will love you, if you will love Miss Sharp!– Mrs Driver &c are off by Collier; but so near being too late that she had not time to call & leave the Keys herself.– I have them however;– I suppose, one is the Key of the Linen Press– but I do not [know omitted] what to guess the other.–

The Coach was stopt at the Blacksmith’s, & they came running down, with Triggs, & Browning, & Trunks & Bird cages.  Quite amusing!

My Mother desires her Love & hopes to hear from you.

Yours very affec:ly
J. Austen

[postscript upside down at top of p1]

Frank & Mary are to have Mary Goodchild to help as Under, till they can get a Cook.  She is delighted to go.–

[second postscript below address panel]

Best Love at Streatham.

Miss Austen
Henrietta St
By favour of
Mr Gray.

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