24 August 1814 – Wednesday – continuation from previous day

Wednesday Morng— My Brother & Edwd arrived last night.– They cd not get Places the day before.  Their business is about Teeth & Wigs, & they are going after breakfast to Scarman’s & Tavistock St— and they are to return, to go with me afterwards in the Barouche.  I hope to do some of my errands today.  I got the Willow yesterday, as Henry was not quite ready when I reached Hena St— I saw Mr Hampson there for a moment.  He dines here tomorrow & proposed bringing his son; so I must submit to seeing George Hampson, thought I had hoped to go through Life without it.– It was one of my vanities, like your not reading Patronage.–

After leaving H. St— we drove to Mrs Latouches, they are always at home– & they are to dine here on friday.– We could do no more, as it began to rain.– We dine at 1/2 past 4 today, that our Visitors may go to the Play, and Henry & I are to spend the eveng with the Tilsons, to meet Miss Burdett, who leaves Town tomorrow.– Mrs T. called on me yesterday.– Is not this all that can have happened, or been arranged?– Not quite.– Henry wants me to see more of his Hanwell favourite, & has written to invite her to spend a day or two here with me.  His scheme is to fetch her on Saturday.  I am more & more convinced that he will marry again soon, & like the idea of her better than of anybody else at hand.

Now, I have breakfasted & have the room to myself again.– It is likely to be a fine day.– How do you all do?– Henry talks of being at Chawton about the 1st of Septr— He has once mentioned a scheme, which I should rather like — calling on the Birches & the Crutchleys in our way.  It may never come to anything, but I must provide for the possibility, by troubling your [to] send up my Silk Pelisse by Collier on Saturday.– I feel it would be necessary on such an occasion;– and be so good as to put up a clean Dressing gown which will come from the Wash on friday.– You need not direct it to be left anywhere. It may take its’ chance.– We are to call for Henry between 3 & 4– & I must finish this & carry it with me, as he is not always there in the morng before the Parcel is made up.– And before I set off, I must return Mrs Tilson’s visit.– I hear nothing of the Hoblyns & abstain from all enquiry.–

I hope Mary Jane & Frank’s Gardens go on well.– Give my Love to them all — Nunna Hat’s Love to George.– A great many People wanted to mo up in the Poach as well as me.– The wheat looked very well all the way, & James says the same of his road.– The same good account of Mrs C.’s health continues, & her circumstances mend.  She gets farther & farther from Poverty.  What a comfort!  Good bye to You.– Yours very truely & affecly

All well at Steventon.  I hear nothing particular of Ben, except that Edward is to get him some pencils.–

Miss Austen
By favour of
Mr Gray

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