24 November 1814 – Thursday – to Anna Lefroy

[portion of a letter written to her niece, Anna Lefroy]

. . . Mrs Creed’s opinion is gone down on my list; but fortunately I may excuse myself from entering Mr [cut out] as my paper only relates to Mansfield Park.  I will redeem my credit with him, by writing a close Imitation of “Self-Control” as soon as I can;– I will improve upon it;– my Heroine shall not merely be wafted down an American river in a boat by herself, she shall cross the Atlantic in the same way, & never stop till she reaches Gravesent.–

[verso] . . . that depends on us to secure it, but you mu[st be] aware that in another person’s house one cannot command one’s own time or activities, & though your Uncle Henry is so kind as to give us the use of a Carriage while we are with him, it may not be possible for us to turn that Carriage towards Hendon without a[c]tually mounting the Box ourselves;– Your Uncle arrived yesterday by the Gosport– (and only think of the Gosport not being here till 1/2 past 4!– I [most of next line missing] . . .) and takes . . .

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