29 November 1814 – Tuesday – to Anna Lefroy

[Letter to her niece, Anna Lefroy]

I am very much obliged to you, my dear Anna, & should be very happy to come & see you again if I could, but I have not a day disengaged.  We are expecting your Uncle Charles tomorrow; and I am to go the next day to Hanwell to fetch some Miss Moores who are to stay here till Saturday; then comes Sunday & Elizth Gibson, and on Monday Your Uncle Henry takes us both to Chawton.  It is therefore really impossible, but I am very much obliged to You & to Mr B. Lefroy for wishing it.  We should find plenty to say, no doubt, & I should like to hear Charlotte Dewar’s Letter; however, though I do not hear it, I am glad she has written to you.  I like first Cousins to be first Cousins, & interested about each other.  They are but one remove from Br & Sr

We all came away very much pleased with our visit I assure You.  We talked of you for about a mile & a half with great satisfaction, & I have been just sending a very good account of you to Miss Beckford, with a description of your Dress for Susan & Maria– Your Uncle & Edwd left us this morning.  The hopes of the Former in his Cause, do not lessen.– We were all at the Play last night, to see Miss O’neal in Isabella.  I do not think she was quite equal to my expectation.  I fancy I want something more than can be.  Acting seldom satisfies me.  I took two Pocket handkercheifs, but had very little occasion for either.  She is an elegant creature however & hugs Mr Younge delightfully.–

I am going this morning to see the little girls in Keppel Street.  Cassy was excessively interested about your marrying, when she heard of it, which was not till she was to drink your health on the wedding day.  She asked a thousand questions, in her usual way– What he said to you? & what you said to him?– And we were very much amused one day by Mary Jane’s asking “what Month her Cousin Benjamin was born in?”–

If your Uncle were at home he would send his best Love, but I will not impose any base, fictitious remembrance on You.– Mine I can honestly give, & remain Yr affec: Aunt
J. Austen

Mrs B. Lefroy

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