30 November 1814 – Wednesday – to Anna Lefroy

My dear Anna

I have been very far from finding your Book an Evil I assure you; I read it immediately– & with great pleasure.  I think you are going on very well.  The description of Dr Griffin & Lady Helena’s unhappiness is very good, just what was likely to be.– I am curious to know what the end of them will be: The name of Newton-Priors is really invaluable!– I never met with anything superior to it.– It is delightful.– One could live upon the name of Newton-Priors for a twelve-month.–

Indeed, I do think you get on very fast.  I wish other people of my acquaintance could compose as rapidly.– I am pleased with the Dog scene, & with the whole of George & Susan’s Love; but am more particularly struck with your serious conversations &c.– They are very good throughout.– St Julian’s History was quite a surprise to me; You had not very long known it yourself I suspect– but I have no objection to make to the circumstance– it is very well told– & his having been in love with the Aunt, gives Cecilia an additional Interest with him.  I like the Idea;– a very proper compliment to an Aunt!– I rather imagine indeed that Neices are seldom chosen but in compliment to some Aunt or other.  I dare say Ben was in love with me once, & wd never have thought of You if he had not supposed me dead of a Scarlet fever.– Yes, I was in a mistake as to the number of Books.  I thought I had read 3 before the 3 at Chawton; but fewer than 6 will not do.– I want to see dear Bell Griffin again.– Had not you better give some hint of St Julian’s early [history in the beginning of your story?].

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