5 March 1814 – Saturday – from Henrietta Street

My dear Cassandra

Do not be angry with me for beginning another Letter to you.  I have read the Corsair, mended my petticoat, & have nothing else to do.– Getting out is impossible.  It is a nasty day for everybody.  Edward’s spirits will be wanting Sunshine, & here is nothing but Thickness & Sleet; and tho’ these two rooms are delightfully warm I fancy it is very cold abroad.–

Young Wyndham accepts the Invitation.  He is such a nice, gentlemanlike, unaffected sort of young Man, that I think he may do for Fanny;– has a sensible, quiet look which one likes.– Our fate with Mrs L. & Miss E. is fixed for this day senight.– A civil note is come from Miss H. Moore, to apologise for not returning my visit today & ask us to join a small party this Eveng— Thank ye, but we shall be better engaged.– I was speaking to Mde B. this morng about a boil’d Loaf, when it appeared that her Master has no raspberry Jam; She has some, which of course she is determined he shall have; but cannot you bring him a pot when you come?–

[to be continued on the following day, Sunday, 6th]

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