8 March 1814 – continuation from letter begun on 5 March

Tuesday.  My dearest Cassandra in ever so many hurries I acknowledge the receipt of your Letter last night, just before we set off for Covent Garden.– I have no Mourning come, but it does not signify.  This very moment has Richd put it on the Table.– I have torn it open & read your note.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.–

Edwd is amazed at the 64 Trees.  He desires his Love & gives you notice of the arrival of a Study Table for himself.  It ought to be at Chawton this week.  He begs you to be so good as to have it enquired for, & fetched by the Cart; but wishes it not to be unpacked till he is on the spot himself.  It may be put in the Hall.–

Well, Mr Hampson dined here & all that.  I was very tired of Artaxerxes, highly amused with the Farce, & in an inferior way with the Pantomime that followed.  Mr J. Plumptre joined in the latter part of the Eveng–walked home with us, ate some soup, & is very earnest for our going to Cov. Gar. again to night to see Miss Stephens in the Farmers Wife.  He is to try for a Box.  I do not particularly wish him to succeed.  I have had enough for the present.– Henry dines to day with Mr Spencer.–

Yours very affecly   J. Austen

Miss Austen
By favour of
Mr Gray

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