9 March 1814 – Wednesday – from Henrietta Street

[to Cassandra]

Well, we went to the Play again last night, & as we were out great part of the morning too, shopping & seeing the Indian Jugglers, I am very glad to be quiet now till dressing time.  We are to dine at the Tilsons & tomorrow at Mr Spencers.– We had not done breakfast yesterday when Mr J. Plumptre appeared to say that he had secured a Box.  Henry asked him to dine here, which I fancy he was very happy to do, & so, at 5 o’clock we four sat down to table together, while the Master of the House was preparing for going out himself.– The Farmer’s Wife is a Musical thing in 3 Acts, & as Edward was steady in not staying for anything more, we were at home before 10– Fanny & Mr J.P. are delighted with Miss S, & her merit in singing is I dare say very great; that she gave me no pleasure is no reflection upon her, nor I hope upon myself, being what Nature made me on that article.  All that I am sensible of in Miss S. is, a pleasing person & no skill in acting.–

We had Mathews, Liston & Emery; of course some amusement.– Our friends were off before 1/2 past 8 this morng, & had the prospect of a heavy cold Journey before them.–I think they both liked their visit very much, I am sure Fanny did.– Henry sees decided attachment between her & his new acquaintance.–

I have a cold too as well as my Mother & Martha.  Let it be a generous emulation between us which can get rid of it first.– I wear my gauze gown today, long sleeves & all; I shall see how they succeed, but as yet I have no reason to suppose long sleeves are allowable.– I have lowered the bosom especially at the corners, & plaited black sattin ribbon round the top.  Such will be my Costume of Vine leaves & paste.  Prepare for a Play the very first evening, I rather think Covent Garden, to see Young in Richard.–

I have answered for your little companion’s being conveyed to Keppel St immediately.– I have never yet been able to get there myself, but hope I shall soon.  What cruel weather this is!  And here is Lord Portsmouth married too to Miss Hanson!– Henry has finished Mansfield Park, & his approbation has not lessened.  He found the last half of the last volume extremely interesting.  I suppose my Mother recollects that she gave me no Money for paying Brecknell & Twining; & my funds will not supply enough.–

We are home in such good time that I can finish my Letter to night, which will be better than getting up to do it tomorrow, especially as on account of my Cold, which has been very heavy in my head this Eveng— I rather think of lying in bed later than usual.  I would not but be well enough to go to Hertford St on any account.– We met only Genl Chowne today, who has not much to say for himself.– Mrs Tilson had long sleeves too, & she assured me that they are worn in the evening by many.  I was glad to hear this.– She dines here I beleive next tuesday.–

On friday we are to be snug, with only Mr Barlowe & an evening of Business.– I am so pleased that the Mead is brewed!– Love to all.  If Cassandra has filled my Bed with fleas, I am sure they must bite herself.–

I have written to Mrs Hill & care for nobody.

Yours affecly      J. Austen

Miss Austen
By favour of
Mr Gray.–

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