?late December 1814 – to ?Anna Lefroy

[recto] . . . Thank you for the history of your morning in Town, You know I enjoy particulars, & I was particularly amused with your picture of Grafton House;– it is just so.– How much I should like finding you there one day, seated on your high stool, with 15 rolls of persian before you, & a little black woman just answering your questions in as few words as possible!–. . .

[verso] . . .for your very kind invitation, but we are [?afraid it is] quite out of our power to accept it.  We are going to [?Hans Place] only for a fortnight, which will not allow of any other visit being taken out of it, and therefore you must not impute it to want of inclination, but of ability.– We shall be much [?disappointed] if we do not see you somehow or other, & shall . . .[nearly all the next line missing] . . . st be . . .

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