29 September 1815 – Friday – to Anna Lefroy

My dear Anna

We told Mr B. Lefroy that if the weather did not prevent us, we should certainly come & see you tomorrow, & bring Cassy, trusting to your being so good as to give her a dinner about one o’clock, that we might be able to be with you the earlier & stay the longer– but on giving Cassy her choice of the Fair or Wyards, it must be confessed that she has preferred the former, which we trust will not greatly affront you;– if it does, you may hope that some little Anna hereafter may revenge the insult by a similar preference of an Alton fair to her Cousin Cassy.– In the meanwhile, we have determined to put off our visit to you till Monday, which we hope will be not less convenient to You.– I wish the weather may not resolve upon other put-offs.  I must come to you before Wednesday if it be possible, for on that day I am going to London for a week or two with your Uncle Henry, who is expected here on Sunday.  If Monday therefore should appear too dirty for walking, & Mr. B.L. would be so kind as to come & fetch me to spend some part of the morng with you, I should be much obliged to him.  Cassy might be of the Party, & your Aunt Cassandra will take another opportunity.–

Your G.Mama sends her Love & Thanks for your note.  She was very happy to hear the contents of your Packing Case.– She will send the Strawberry roots by Sally Benham, as early as next week as the weather may allow her to take them up.–

Yours very affec:ly
My dear Anna
J. Austen

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