?late February-early March 1815 – to Anna Lefroy

[middle of p3] . . . We have got “Rosanne” in our Society, and find it much as you describe it; very good and clever, but tedious.  Mrs Hawkins’ great excellence is on serious subjects.  There are some very delightful conversations and reflections on religion: but on lighter topics I think she falls into many absurdities; and, as to love, her heroine has very comical feelings.  There are a thousand improbabilities in the story.  Do you remember the two Miss Ormesdens, introduced just at last?  Very flat and unnatural.– Mlle Cossart is rather my passion.–

Miss Gibson returned to the Gt House last friday, & is pretty well, but not entirely so.  Captn Clement has very kindly offered to drive her out, & she would like it very much, but no day has yet been quite good enough, or else she has not been otherwise equal to it.– She sends you her Love . . . [nearly all of next line missing] . . . kind wishes.

[p4] . . . [I cannot flourish in this east wind] which is quite against my skin & conscience.– We shall see nothing of Streatham while we are in Town;– Mrs Hill is to lye-in of a Daughter early in March.– Mrs Blackstone is to be with her.  Mrs Heathcote & Miss Biggs are just leaving her: the latter writes me word that Miss Blachford is married, but I have never seen it in the Papers.  And one may as well be single if the Wedding is not to be in print.– [rest of last line with complimentary cose and signature cut away]

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