13 March 1816 – Wednesday – from Chawton

[Letter to Jane Austen’s niece, Caroline Austen]

My dear Caroline

I am very glad to have an opportunity of answering your agreable little Letter.  You seem to be quite my own Neice in your feelings towards Mde de Genlis.  I do not think I could even now, at my sedate time of Life, read Olimpe et Theophile without being in a rage.  It really is too bad!– Not allowing them to be happy together, when they are married.– Don’t talk of it, pray.  I have just lent your Aunt Frank the 1st vol. of Les Veillees du Chateau, for Mary Jane to read.  It will be some time before she comes to the horror of Olympe.– We have had sad weather lately, I hope you have liked it.– Our Pond is brimfull & our roads are dirty & our walls are damp, & we sit wishing every bad day may be the last.  It is not cold however.  Another week perhaps may see us shrinking & shivering under a dry East Wind.

I had a very nice Letter from your Brother not long ago, & I am quite happy to see how much his Hand is improving.– I am convinced that it will end in a very gentlemanlike Hand, much above Par.– We have had a great deal of fun lately with Post-chaises stopping at the door; three times within a few days, we had a couple of agreable Visitors turn in unexpectedly– your Uncle Henry & Mr Tilson, Mrs Heathcote & Miss Bing, your Uncle Henry & Mr Seymour.  Take notice, that it was the same Uncle Henry each time.

I remain my dear Caroline
Your affec: Aunt
J. Austen

Miss C. Austen

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