23 June 1816 – Sunday – from Chawton

[Letter to Jane Austen’s niece, Anna Lefroy]

My dear Anna

Cassy desires her best thanks for the book.  She was quite delighted to see it: I do not know when I have seen her so much struck by anybody’s kindness as on this occasion.  Her sensibility seems to be opening to the perception of great actions.  These gloves having appeared on the Piano Forte ever since you were here on Friday, we imagine they must be yours.  Mrs Digweed returned yesterday through all the afternoon’s rain and was of course wet through, but in speaking of it she never once said “It was beyond everything,” which I am sure it must have been.  Your Mama means to ride to Speen Hill tomorrow to see the Mrs Hulberts who are both very indifferent.  By all accounts they really are breaking now.  Not so stout as the old Jackass.

Yours affecately  J.A.

Chawton, Sunday, June 23rd Uncle Charles’s birthday.

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