4 September 1816 – Wednesday – partial to Cassandra

[This is only a partial letter to Cassandra Austen, the first couple pages missing]

. . . Letter today.  His writing on friday gave me some [?worry but now its] coming makes me more than amends.– I know you heard from Edward yesterday, Henry wrote to me by the same post, & so did Fanny.– I had therefore 3 Letters at once which I thought well worth paying for!  Yours was a treasure, so full of everything.– But how very much Cheltenham is to be preferred in May!– Henry does not write diffusely, but chearfully;– at present he wishes to come to us as soon as we can receive him– is decided for Orders &c.– I have written to him to say that after this week, he cannot come too soon.–  I do not really expect him however immediately; they will hardly part with him at Gm yet.

Fanny does not seem any better, or very little; she ventured to dine one day at Sandling & has suffered for it ever since.– I collect from her, that Mr Seymour is either married or on the point of being married to Mrs Scrane.– She is not explicit, because imagining us to be informed.– I am glad I did not know that you had no possibility of having a fire on Saturday– & so glad that you have your Pelisse!– Your Bed room describes more comfortably than I could have supposed.–

We go on very well here, Edward is a great pleasure to me;– he drove me to Alton yesterday; I went principally to carry news of you & Henry, & made a regular handsome visit, staying there while Edwd went on to Wyards with an invitation to dinner;– it was declined, & will be so again today probably, for I really beleive Anna is not equal to the fatigue.– The Alton 4 drank tea with us last night, & we were very pleasant:– Jeu de violon &c– all new to Mr Sweney– & he entered into it very well.– It was a renewal of former agreable evenings.– We all (except my Mother) dine at Alton tomorrow– & perhaps may have some of the same sports again– but I do not think Mr & Mrs D. will add much to our wit.–

Edward is writing a Novel– we have all heard what he has written– it is extremely clever; written with great ease & spirit;– if he can carry it on in the same way, it will be a firstrate work, & in a style, I think, to be popular.– Pray tell Mary how much I admire it.– And tell Caroline that I think it is hardly fair upon her & myself, to have him take up the Novel Line. . .

[top of p4 missing] . . . but the coldness of the weather is enough to account for their want of power.– The Duchess of Orleans, the paper says, drinks at my Pump.  Your Library will be a great resource.– Three Guineas a week for such Lodgings!– I am quite angry.– Martha desired her Love– & is sorry to tell you that she has got some Chilblains on her fingers– she never had them before.– This is to go for a Letter.–

Yrs afffecly J. Austen

[Postscript below address panel]

I shall be perfectly satisfied if I hear from you again on Tuesday.

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