9 September 1816 – Monday – continuation from previous day

[Continued from a letter begun on the previous day, 8th September]

Monday.  Here is a sad morng.– I fear you may not have been able to get to the Pump.  The two last days were very pleasant.– I enjoyed them the more for your sake.– But today, it is really bad enough to make you all cross.– I hope Mary will change her Lodgings at the fortnight’s end; I am sure, if you looked about well, you would find others in some odd corner, to suit you better.  Mrs Potter charges for the name of the High St– Success to the Pianoforte! I trust it will drive you away.– We hear now that there is to be no Honey this year.  Bad news for us.– We must husband our present stock of Mead;– & I am sorry to perceive that our 20 Gal: is very nearly out.– I cannot comprehend how the 14 Gal: cd last so long.–

We do not much like Mr Cooper’s new Sermons;– they are fuller of Regeneration & Conversion than ever– with the addition of his zeal in the cause of the Bible Society.– Martha’s love to Mary & Caroline, & she is extremely glad to find they like the Pelisse.– The Debarys are indeed odious!– We are to see my Brother tomorrow, but for only one night.– I had no idea that he would care for the Races, without Edward.– Remember me to all.  Yours very affec:ly

J. Austen

Miss Austen
Post Office

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