14 March 1817 – Friday – from Chawton

[Letter to niece, Caroline Austen]

My dear Caroline

You will receive a message from me Tomorrow; & today you will receive the parcel itself; therefore I should not like to be in that Message’s shoes, it will look so much like a fool.– I am glad to hear of your proceedings & improvements in the Gentleman Quack.  There was a great deal of Spirit in the first part.  Our objection to it You have heard, & I give your Authorship credit for bearing Criticism so well.– I hope Edwd is not idle.  No matter what becomes of the Craven Exhibition provided he goes on with his Novel.  In that, he will find his true fame & his true wealth.  That will be the honourable Exhibition which no V. Chancellor can rob him of.– I have just recd nearly twenty pounds myself on the 2d Edit: of S & S- which gives me this fine flow of Literary Ardour.–

Tell your Mama, I am very much obliged to her for the Ham she intends sending me, & that the Seacale will be extremely acceptable– is I should say, as we have got it already;– the future, relates only to our time of dressing it, which will not be till Uncles Henry & Frank can dine here together.– Do you know that Mary Jane went to Town with her Papa?– They were there last week from Monday to Saturday, & she was as happy as possible.  She spent a day in Keppel St with Cassy;– & her Papa is sure that she must have walked 8 or 9 miles in a morng with him.  Your Aunt F. spent the week with us, & one Child with her,–changed every day.– The Piano Forte’s Duty, & will be happy to see you whenever you can come.

Yrs affecly
J. Austen



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