21 February 1817 – continuation from previous day

[continued from a letter begun on 20th February – to Jane Austen’s neice Fanny Knight]

Friday.— I had no idea when I began this yesterday, of sending it before your Br went back, but I have written away my foolish thoughts at such a rate that I will not keep them many hours longer to stare me in the face.– Much obliged for the Quadrilles, which I am grown to think pretty enough, though of course they are very inferior to the Cotillions of my own day.–

Ben & Anna walked here last Sunday to hear Uncle Henry, & she looked so pretty, it was quite a pleasure to see her, so young & so blooming & so innocent, as if she had never had a wicked Thought in her Life– which yet one has some reason to suppose she must have had, if we beleive the Doctrine of Original Sin, or if we remember the events of her girlish days.–

I hope Lizzy will have her Play.  Very kindly arranged for her.  Henry is generally thought very good-looking but not so handsome as Edward.– I think I prefer his face.– Wm is in excellent Looks, has a fine appetite & seems perfectly well.– You will have a great Break-up at Gm in the Spring.  You must feel their all going.  It is very right however.  One sees many good causes for it.– Poor Miss C.– I shall pity her, when she begins to understand herself.– Your objection to the Quadrilles delighted me exceedingly.– Pretty Well, for a Lady irrecoverably attached to one Person!– Sweet Fanny, beleive no such thing of yourself.– Spread no such malicious slander upon your Understanding, within the Precincts of your Imagination.– Do not speak ill of your Sense, merely for the Gratification of your Fancy.– Yours is Sense, which deserves more honourable Treatment.– You are not in love with him.  You never have been really in love with him.–  Yrs very affecly
J. Austen

Uncle H. & Miss Lloyd dine at Mr Digweed’s to day, which leaves us the power of asking Uncle & Aunt F. to come & meet their Nephews here.

Miss Knight
Godmersham Park

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