26 February 1817 – Wednesday

[ Letter to Caroline Austen – JA’s neice]

You send me great News indeed my dear Caroline, about Mr Digweed, Mr Trimmer, & a Grand Piano Forte.  I wish it had been a small one, as then you might have pretended that Mr D.’s rooms were too damp to be fit for it, & offered to take charge of it at the Parsonage.– I am sorry to hear of Caroline Wiggetts being so ill.  Mrs Chute I suppose would almost feel like a Mother in losing her.– We have but a poor account of your Uncle Charles 2d Girl; there is an idea now of her having Water in her head.  The others are well.– William was mistaken when he told your Mama we did not mean to mourn for Mrs Motley Austen.  Living here we thought it necessary to array ourselves in our old Black Gowns, because there is a line of Connection with the family through the Prowtings & Harrisons of Southampton. — I look forward to the new 4 Chapters with pleasure.– But how can you like Frederick better than Edgar?– You have some eccentric Tastes however I know, as to Heroes & Heroines.– Good bye.

Yrs affecly
J. Austen

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