26 March 1817 – Wednesday – from Chawton

[Letter to niece, Caroline Austen]

My dear Caroline

Pray make no apologies for writing to me often, I am always very happy to hear from you, & am sorry to think that opportunities for such a nice little economical Correspondence, are likely to fail now.  But I hope we shall have Uncle Henry back again by the 1st Sunday in May.– I think you very much improved in your writing, & in the way to write a very pretty hand.

I wish you could practise your fingering oftener.–Would not it be a good plan for you to go & live entirely at Mr Wm Digweed’s?– He could not desire any other remuneration than the pleasure of hearing you practise.

I like Frederick & Caroline better than I did, but must still prefer Edgar & Julia.– Julia is a warm-hearted, ingenuous, natural Girl, which I like her for;– but I know the word Natural is no recommendation to you.–

Our last Letter from Keppel St was rather more chearful.– Harriet’s headaches were a little releived, & Sir Ev: Hume does not despair of a cure.– He persists in thinking it Water on the Brain, but none of the others are convinced.– I am happy to say that your Uncle Charles speaks of himself as quite well.  How very well Edward is looking!  You can have nobody in your Neighbourhood to vie with him at all, except Mr Portal.–

I have taken one ride on the Donkey & like it very much–& you must try to get me quiet, mild days, that I may be able to go out pretty constantly.– A great deal of Wind does not suit me, as I have still a tendency to Rheumatism.– [In] short I am a poor Honey at present.  I will be better when you can come & see us.–

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