22 January 1801 – continued from 21st

[continued from letter begun on 21 January 1801]

Thursday.  Our party yesterday was very quietly pleasant.  To day we all attack Ash Park, & tomorrow I dine again at Deane.  What an eventful Week!–Eliza left me a message for you which I have great pleasure in delivering; She will write to you & send you your Money next Sunday.–Mary has likewise a message.–She will be much obliged to you if you can bring her the pattern of the Jacket & Trowsers, or whatever it is, that Elizth:’s boys wear when they are first put into breeches–; or if you could bring her an old suit itself she would be very glad, but that I suppose is hardly do-able.

I am happy to hear of Mrs Knight’s amendment, whatever might be her complaint.  I cannot think so ill of her however inspite of your insinuations as to suspect her of having lain-in.– I do not think she would be betrayed beyond an Accident at the utmost.– The Wylmots being robbed must be an amusing thing to their acquaintance, & I hope it is as much their pleasure as it seems their avocation to be subjects of general Entertainment.–  I have a great mind not to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, which I have just had the pleasure of reading, because I am so ashamed to compare the sprawling lines of this with it!– But if I say all that I have to say, I hope I have no reason to hang myself.– Caroline was only brought to bed on the 7th of this month, so that her recovery does seem pretty rapid.–

I have heard twice from Edward on the occasion, & his letters have each been exactly what they ought to be–chearful & amusing.–He dares not write otherwise to me— but perhaps he might be obliged to purge himself from the guilt of writing Nonsense by filling his shoes with whole pease for a week afterwards.– Mrs G. has left him 100£–his Wife & son 500£ each.

I join with you in wishing for the Environs of Laura place, but do not venture to expect it.– My Mother hankers after the Square dreadfully, & it is but natural to suppose that my Uncle will take her part. — It would be very pleasant to be near Sidney Gardens!–we might go into the Labyrinth every day.– You need not endeavour to match my mother’s mourning Calico–, she does not mean to make it up any more.–Why did not J.D. make his proposals to you? I suppose he went to see the Cathedral, that he might know how he should like to be married in it.– Fanny shall have the Boarding-school as soon as her Papa gives me an opportunity of sending it–& I do not know whether I may not by that time have worked myself up into so generous a fit as to give it to her for ever.–

[Postscript below address panel]

We have a Ball on Thursday too–.  I expect to go to it from Manydown.– Do not be surprised, or imagine that Frank is come if I write again soon.  It will only be to say that I am going to M- & to answer your [ques]tion about my Gown.

Miss Austen
Godmersham Park

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