5 January 1801 – Postscript to 3 January Letter

[This postscript followed the address panel on a letter written on 3 January 1801 to Cassandra Austen at Godmersham, which was postmarked 6 January 1801.]

Monday.–Martha desires her best Love, & says a great many kind things about spending some time with you in March–& depending on a large return from us both in the Autumn.–Perhaps I may not write again before Sunday.–

2 Responses to 5 January 1801 – Postscript to 3 January Letter

  1. S says:

    Almost a whole week without writing to her sister?!?

    • TessQ says:

      LOL – yeah — but does it make you wonder if she meant it or was teasing her sister? Did she have a busy week planned with no time for it? Or nothing of news to report? Or was it some commentary on how often Cassandra wrote to her? (though she’s usually more direct than that in such instances)… who knows?

      All I do know is that she didn’t wait that long… she wrote again three days later. 😉

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