9 January 1801 – Friday – continued from 8th

No answer from my Aunt.– She has no time for writing I suppose in the hurry of selling furniture, packing Cloathes & preparing for their removal to Scarletts.– You are very kind in planning presents for me to make, & my Mother has shewn me exactly the same attention–but as I do not chuse to have Generosity dictated to me, I shall not resolve on giving my Cabinet to Anna till the first thought of it has been my own.  Sidmouth is now talked of as our Summer abode; get all the information therefore about it that you can from Mrs C. Cage.  My father’s old Ministers are already deserting him to pay their court to his Son; the brown Mare, which as well as the black was to devolve on James at our removal, has not had patience to wait for that, & has settled herself even now at Deane.–

The death of Hugh Capet, which like that of Mr Skipsey–tho’ undesired was not wholly unexpected, being purposely effected, has made the immediate possession of the Mare very convenient; & everything else I suppose will be seized by degrees in the same manner.– Martha & I work at the books every day.– Yours affec:ly JA

Miss Austen
Godmersham Park

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