My Books

Here you will find my publications to date, and perhaps a few miscellaneous online reads to pass the time until my next offering!  I have one new novel just released in late September 2013, and another in the works, hopefully to be available sometime during 2014…

While I write, please give a try and enjoy these works already available:

New!     A Fitzwilliam Legacy (Volume I): Seasonal Disorder – the first volume of a two-volume novel, this book does not stand on its own (must read volume II to resolve story lines) – a Christmastide house party at Pemberley where the Darcys, married only a year, host family, friends, and a good deal of misunderstandings, miscommunications and mishaps

New!     A Fitzwilliam Legacy (VolumeII): New Year Resolutions – the completion to Seasonal Disorder, this volume resolves all unfinished business from the first volume, as well as introducing a bit of new ‘business’ as the Darcys and their family welcome in a New Year and try to survive long enough to have a ball on Twelfth Night

Pride Revisited ( March 2013) – a collection of sixteen stories (all written by me) based on Pride and Prejudice that form either “interludes” – scenes that can be inserted at various points of the book without changing what came before or comes next in the plot – or sequels.

The Road to Pemberley (Ulysses Press, 2011) – an anthology of Pride and Prejudice-based short stories by various authors, for which I submitted one short story, “A Good Vintage Whine”

Caroline’s Comeuppance (2008) – an early WIP turned novel that deals with life after Darcy for Caroline Bingley

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